Valuation Tools

R/P Valuation Tool

Use the below R/P Valuation Tool to get a quick estimate of the value of any producing oil and gas properties. Simply fill in the blanks, hit compute, and the result will be generated with all of the pertinent information for a basic evaluation of the properties. Note: for the most accurate results, use the conservatism that a public oil and gas company under the scrutiny of the SEC would use.

Proved Oil Reserves (MBO)
Proved Gas Reserves (MMCF)
Daily Oil Production Rate (BOPD)1
Daily Gas Production Rate (MCFPD)1
1Average daily rate over previous 30 days

Disclaimer: The calculated average property value shown above is a qualitative estimate of value assuming a simulated competitive "assets sale". It is meant to provide potential sellers or buyers with a rough estimate of value only. A number of factors could cause the property value to be higher or lower, sometimes materially, than the estimate shown above. Please consult with Energy Spectrum Advisors Inc. to get a more quantitative estimate of producing oil and gas property's value.

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